Medical Accounts Receivable (AR) Resolution Services & Specialists
Billers, Collectors, Claims Denial Management & other Back Office Professionals

Nearterm offers experienced Medical Accounts Receivable (AR) Specialists & Technicians, Billers, Collectors, Claims Denial Management and other Back Office professionals that are proficient with your system. Most have 12+ years of experience that includes a strong understanding of Medicare and Medicaid processing requirements as well as those of most commercial payors.

Account Receivable Specialists Available Now

  • Medical Billers
  • Medical Collection Specialists
  • Medical Claims Denial Management
  • Medicare and Medicaid Follow-up
  • Commercial Follow-up
  • Self Pay
  • Credit Balance Resolution
  • Cash Applications
  • Customer Service
  • Patient Access
  • Benefit Verification

Remote Services

Our AR Specialists work on-site for a brief orientation, and then transition to remote work. Many hospitals have taken advantage of this cost effective model.

On-Site Services

We work at your facility for as long as it takes to meet your objectives. Our specialists are trained and knowledgeable with all payors and hospital systems.

Backlog Resolution

Nearterm can quickly deploy a team of AR Specialists to eliminate accounts receivable backlogs or to fill-in while management focuses on episodic initiatives such as computer conversions, system upgrades or other operational issues.

Q100 Quality Assurance For AR Resolution Services

In addition to providing the technical resources called for by your situation, a Nearterm Partner from our firm will provide support at every step of implementation and delivery of services. Your Partner will communicate routinely with you and the Nearterm team, or person doing the work, to ensure quality. Our Partners are recognized authorities in Revenue Cycle Management.  Q100=Quality Assurance PDF.

Have an AR Resolution Project?

Call Nearterm toll free at (888) 646-1330 or send us an email. Nearterm RCM AR Resolution Specialists PDF

Are You an Medical Accounts Receivable Specialist Seeking a Quality Firm to Work For?

Call (888) 646-1330 and ask for our AR Resolution Specialist Recruiter or send your resume to [email protected]

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