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There are a number of concerns for a healthcare organization when a critical gap occurs in key management positions. Every day your facility operates without strong leadership can result in serious reductions in cash flow, increased bad debt expense, lower productivity and deterioration in overall financial performance.

That’s why Nearterm is prepared to quickly mobilize our team of professionals. The moment your organization needs help, we’ll be there to minimize the risks associated with management vacancies.

First and foremost, the experience of our people will become an important asset to your organization. We’ll quickly assimilate your business values, operating objectives and organizational culture.

Secondly, each client engagement will be supported by our principals. This value-added service affords your organization an additional level of expertise and management that only Nearterm can provide.

Interim Management Business Process

The first and most important step we take is to accurately profile the business demand created by a vacancy. Our team works with you to establish critical success factors, including reporting relationships, recent and expected performance trends, changes in the organization, staffing issues, vendor relationships and engagement duration.

Resource Allocation
Using your organization’s business profile, we match your business needs with the skills of the Nearterm management professional who is best suited to serve your organization. Once the right person is selected and approved, we immediately begin a thorough orientation process that will allow Nearterm to “hit the ground running”.

Engagement Management
One of our principals maintains ongoing contact with you and the Nearterm manager serving your organization. The objectives are to:

  • Ensure that we remain apprised of the existing and changing business conditions, so we can maintain a proactive approach to problem-solving and planning.
  • Promote synergy and creativity in day-to-day business activities through the infusion of our collective experience and expertise.

Q100=Quality Assurance
For our Interim Management Services & Solutions
At the beginning of every new engagement, performance quality standards are defined in close collaboration with our client. The goal of Q100 is to provide an ongoing quality definition and measurement methodology in a format that enables us to confirm that we are meeting the high standards our clients have come to expect. To learn more, download our Q100=Quality Assurance PDF.

Nearterm Interim Revenue Cycle Leadership Solutions  PDF

When you need Healthcare Interim Management Consultancy Services that bridge critical management gaps in key positions by providing strong leadership for sustained, healthy financial performance, call Nearterm toll free at (888) 646-1330 or send us an email.

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