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  • Finance, Accounting, Business Office & Health Information Management (HIM)

Nearterm is an industry leader in bringing the right executive and managerial talent to hospital, medical and healthcare client organizations. In fact, we are so confident about the service of our healthcare executive recruiters that we guarantee it. However, we also recognize that just delivering the finest people is not enough. The initial employment period after they commence work is critical.

During that time, relationships are developed, new ideas are fostered and expectations are confirmed. That is why Nearterm is especially attuned to the importance of “onboarding” in your healthcare executive job search, and works hard to ensure that our candidates get a great start with you. We maintain dialogue with you and our candidate well after the start date to help bridge any obstacles to success that might arise.

The Healthcare Executive Search Process

Business Profile: As a top healthcare executive search firm, we work with your organization to ascertain that we understand your history, current business demands and strategic interests. This enables us to customize a search plan aimed at recruiting a candidate with the skills, values and other characteristics you want.

Position Profile: Nearterm recognizes that you are unique and that your specific job requirements reflect those unique distinctions. It is critical that we understand what your perfect candidate would look like. Our trained staff brings you a consultative approach in position development during your healthcare executive search. The result is a candidate profile designed to serve as the anchor during the recruiting and screening phases.

Recruiting: Using various resources and techniques, including our proprietary data base, we execute the initial search with a “no limits” other than those identified in the profiling phases. We cast a wide net for you as we conduct the recruiting initiative. This gives you assurance that the very best candidates will be considered.

Development: As candidates are screened, a few typically migrate to a short list. Those candidates are screened and subjected to highly refined evaluation techniques by our top healthcare executive recruiters. Criteria-based appraisal of their compatibility with your organization precedes presentation. Our development practices are designed to consider candidate commitment, qualifications and interest, as well as the demands of the job and the work environment expressed in the business and position profiles.

Presentation: We set up presentations based on your direction. Initially, most clients want to see résumés and discuss our background work and evaluations prior to contact with candidates. We are available to arrange teleconferences, travel and/or any other component of the engagement that meets with your preference.

Onboarding: It is our objective to help you identify and hire the best person for the job. Beyond the average healthcare executive headhunters, it is also our objective to help you and your new employee develop a successful relationship. To that end, we maintain contact in a consultative way with all concerned parties well after the placement transaction is complete.

Healthcare Executive Search Positions Filled

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Vice President/Director Finance
  • Director Financial Reporting
  • Controller
  • Director of Patient Financial Services
  • Director of Health Information Management (HIM)
  • Patient Access Manager
  • Business Office Manager/Director
  • Medical Records Directors
  • Director of Coding
  • Patient Access Manager/Director
  • Assistant Patient Access Director
  • Revenue Cycle Manager
  • Collections Manager
  • Central Business Office (CBO) Manager

Q100=Quality Assurance
For our Healthcare Executive Search Services
At the beginning of every new engagement, performance quality standards are defined in close collaboration with our client. The goal of Q100 is to provide an ongoing quality definition and measurement methodology in a format that enables us to confirm that we are meeting the high standards our clients have come to expect. To learn more, download our Q100=Quality Assurance PDF.

When you need a Healthcare Executive Search firm that provides hospital, medical and healthcare executive recruiting services guaranteed to meet your needs, call Nearterm toll free at (888) 646-1330 or send us an email.

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