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Hospitals Staffing Levels Improve With RCM Solutions

rcm solutions

There’s no doubt that healthcare workers are the backbone of the health service, so it makes sense for a healthcare provider to manage their staffing levels in a strategic manner. Healthcare revenue cycle management consulting services (RCM) help hospitals to meet staffing needs while saving money. This cost-effective approach is gaining momentum as healthcare providers strive to offer excellent care while meeting business needs.

The Market Is Changing

Nowadays healthcare workers enjoy the freedom of being able to work flexibly and at different locations, because they don’t like the idea of being tied down to one place. Also, they like to make the most of the opportunities that arise at any given time, because they understand that this will add to their employment portfolio. This model is also beneficial for healthcare providers, as it makes the process of hiring skilled staff easier, and because contract workers often get paid a little more than in-house staff, they don’t have to offer benefit packages.

According to Global Human Capital Trends 2015 series, more than one-third of all workers in the United States are contract workers. What’s more, just over half of all respondents say that their need for contingent workers will continue to grow over the next three to five years as the market shifts toward a more agile workforce.

Contract Workers on Demand

Many firms rely on contract staff to meet supply and demand, but with hospitals, the need for contingent workers is even greater, because they simply can’t afford to be understaffed. Healthcare providers constantly need to meet their patients’ needs so that they can provide a good level of care.

rcm solutions

Nearterm’s 360 Managed Services can help you meet your staffing needs by meeting with you to discuss your requirements. Project staffing involves meeting with one of our experts to ascertain the type of workers you are looking for. This will include skill set, the scope of work, project details, schedule and other related matters. Once this has been established, we gather the resources you need and arrange for them to be there as and when you need them, both on-site and remote.

Revenue Cycle Management Service

RCM services manage a number of business-related tasks so that you can get on with what you do best: caring for your patients. These RCM services include:

  • Situation Analysis — Objective operations assessment to facilitate planning and decision-making processes.
  • Operations Action Plans — The plan of action process is a proprietary service wherein Nearterm leads your organization through a very structured process aimed at establishing targeted change.
  • Implementation Assistance — We deliver the additional ”horsepower” you need when implementing certain planned activities.
  • Organization Development — Our team of professionals serves as the catalyst your organization needs in the development process.
  • Centralization and Decentralization — We specialize in assisting providers with all aspects of centralization and decentralization, from the earliest consideration through the continuum.

In addition to RCM services, we also:

  • Present customized training programs
  • Develop and document policies and procedures
  • Provide conversion assistance
  • Design reporting packages
  • Tailor our services to meet your organization’s specific needs

RCM services help you to plan better so you can deliver top-quality care in this increasingly competitive market.  Hospital finance departments are often under pressure to crunch the numbers and balance the books. But without careful planning, recruiting staff can be more expensive than it should be. If you want to find out more about what we can do for your organization, please get in touch.

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Nearterm Managed RCM Project Staffing Services

Managed Revenue Cycle (RCM) Project Staffing

A billing or coding backlog that challenges your manpower resources can put your cash flow at risk.

Nearterm can rapidly deploy a professionally managed team of qualified technicians to eliminate backlogs or to backfill a special HIM or Revenue Cycle project.

The team can be dedicated to a specific functional area (e.g. Medical Coding, Medicare Collections, Billing, etc.) or distributed across multiple functional areas (e.g. medical coding, auditing and/or accounts receivable) depending on your needs. Either way, the team can work on-site and/or remotely. And they are always professionally project managed by a Nearterm Partner in Charge (PIC). (See more below.)

When you need experienced Healthcare Revenue Cycle Consulting, or Project Staffing Services and RCM Project Management, contact Nearterm online, or call us toll free at 888-646-1330 or click:

 How RCM Project Staffing Works

One of our staffing professionals works with you to establish skill-set, scope of work, project details, staffing requirements, schedule and other related matters.

All Nearterm needs is a brief orientation to your systems and procedural requirements (for coding or AR) prior to the commencement of production work. For remote work, Nearterm will work with you to establish remote connectivity with your systems. Our professionals will use your system like an onsite hospital employee would, always in compliance with HIPPA. Many hospitals have taken advantage of this cost effective model.

We assemble the resources you need and arrange for them to be there when you need them, on-site or remote

Healthcare AR Resolution Specialists Project Services

Our managed AR Specialists project team consists of experienced AR Technicians, Billers, Collectors and other Back Office professionals who are proficient with your system and have a clear understanding of Medicare and Medicaid processing requirements as well as those of most commercial payors.

See also Nearterm RCM AR Resolution Specialists PDF or

What Do Accounts Receivable Specialists do in a Healthcare Organization?

Medical Coding & Auditing Project Services

For HIM/Medical Coding and Medical Code Auditing, Nearterm offers credentialed Medical Coders proficient in your systems. For the different types of Medical Coders available, see: Certified HIM/Medical Coders: Remote or On-Site PDF

As a Managed Revenue Cycle Project Staffing Services Provider, Nearterm can provide clients with 360° RCM Services solutions.

As a “Managed Service,” our Project Specialists are professionally managed and their performance is measured and managed a Nearterm Partner in Charge (PIC). This is to ensure that they meet the service level quality requirements agreed upon with the client, as expressed in our Q100=Quality Assurance Program.

Q100=Quality Assurance
For our RCM Project Staffing Services & Management

At the beginning of every new engagement, performance quality standards are defined in close collaboration with our client. The goal of Q100 is to provide an ongoing quality definition and measurement methodology in a format that enables us to confirm that we are meeting the high standards our clients have come to expect. Our Partners are recognized authorities in Revenue Cycle Management. To learn more, download  our Q100=Quality Assurance PDF.

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The Damaging Effect Overstretched Revenue Cycle Management Resources have on Your Bottom Line

A recent Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) survey by NexGen Healthcare demonstrates the ways overstretched RCM resources can affect your bottom line.


According to the survey, which was conducted among practices across the nation and evaluated several high-level metrics, many medical practices are “falling short” of the best practices benchmark.
The survey found that the majority of practices, 77 percent, have between one and 10 people working in their billing offices. Only 7 percent said they had 25 or more employees working in a billing function. Additionally, only 15 percent of practices rated their ability to follow-up and resolve denials as 10 or “excellent”; 31 percent rated their abilities between 1-5.
According to Benjamin Colton and David Wofford of ECG Management Consultants, ineptitude and lack of technical knowledge may be contributed to the lack of qualified professionals within the RCM field.
“Unfortunately, revenue cycle management is often a thankless role with an unclear career path and therefore does not always attract top talent,” Colton & Wofford wrote in their article 6 Essential Elements for Physician Revenue Cycle Management. “Consequently, as physician practices are rapidly consolidated under hospital or health system ownership, the demand for people with the requisite skills is almost certain to exceed the supply and it will be common to find revenue cycle managers (and even directors) who struggle to see the way forward for their operation.”
According to the authors, the solution to this failure in RCM, which ultimately affects a hospital’s bottom line, is to outsource billing functions through a “sound, performance-driven contract that holds the vendor accountable.”
“Healthcare organizations that outsource portions of their revenue cycle operations typically do so to access advanced practice management capabilities more quickly or more economically than they could if they developed the operations on their own,” they write.
Nearterm provides interim management, executive search and project staffing for medical and healthcare organizations and hospitals nationwide. Our experienced and knowledgeable principal partners are actively involved in every RCM project we take on. Also, we are employee-owned and utilize an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), giving each of our contractors the motivation to perform in an accountable manner that some revenue cycle consulting companies cannot match. 
Nearterm has been recognized by TAPC and HAAPC for outstanding contract/temporary service in the Technical/Professional category. 
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