The media bombards us with spin on the impact of healthcare reform. I read through the following article as though I recently moved to America and had reason to better understand impacts on me personally. See what you think……..

If you read this publication and have thoughts or interpretations you would like to share, please weigh in. As a revenue cycle professional, I found this interesting and hope you will too. If you are a chief financial officer, revenue cycle director, revenue cycle consultant or otherwise involved with healthcare financial management, I submit that contemporary knowledge about changes that effect patient financial services is important.

Jim Matthews
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We often hear “the customer is always right” as a moniker supporting customer service training and related service management initiatives. Here is a modified version that I think makes more sense; “THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT BUT THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS THE CUSTOMER”.

Our patients are not always right and we are not helping them by treating as if they are. Here are a few common examples:

“you have to take my insurance”
“you cannot deny service under any circumstance”
“you cannot come after me for payment as long as I am making payments”

There are many more examples. The point is we have an obligation to educate patients about patient financial services and that means tactfully addressing misunderstandings they may have. The best way to do that is by addressing them as the valued customers they are.

I could and may write a book on this topic but please feel free to contact me if you would like to contribute your ideas.

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Affordable Care Act – Going right to the source……

We are constantly bombarded with opinions about contemporary issues. Often, we depend on the interpretations of others or “cliff’s notes” in order to keep up with our changing environment. I thought you might find it interesting to see the actual ruling on ACA… wonder we rely on interpretations!

Please call me if you can explain this in 100 words or less.

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Patient Satisfaction Myths

We have all  struggled with customer satisfaction measurement initiatives. Patient satisfaction has become increasingly important as patients have greater influence on their care choices over recent years. I read this article recently (see link) and recommend that it is a good read if you are considering this topic.

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